What is Bourbon and What Can You Use it for Other than Drinking?

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Bourbon is a kind of American whiskey made from corn. Many are uncertain whether whiskey is a Bourbon or not, but the logic is that it needs to be distilled from a blend of grains with at least 51 percent of corn for it to be considered a Bourbon; among other traits. The essence of the corn is to give it a sweet taste.

This product is a real treat in various foods and can also be used to blend drinks. The production of Bourbon has had a major increase over the past years due to the positive prominence of its brands. For more clarity on this product, keep reading as this article expounds more on the drink.

The standard rules of Bourbon

Bourbons need to have the following traits to be considered as such.

  • The spirit must have come from the U.S.
  • It must be in new white oak kegs.
  • The spirit must have at least 51% of corn.
  • When inserted in a barrel, it must be below 125 proof.
  • The drink should maintain the original flavor without alterations.
  • The spirit needs to be distilled at less than 80% alcohol content.

Note that if the spirit does not adhere to the above specs, it is not a Bourbon. Good Bourbons are versatile and allow any form of drinking. With the many inventions in Bourbon production, one can mix the drink with multiple flavors to develop a perfect cocktail. That's a bonus for cocktail devotees who can enjoy softer drinks such as julep.

Besides, Bourbon also comes in handy when cooking. It stands out as the best option whenever you want to use liquor for cooking. Its unique vanilla flavor adds more taste to foods. It matches well with vanilla, mint, brown sugar, pork, pears, apples, and much more.

What is the difference between Bourbon and whiskey?

Bourbon is different from other whiskeys in regards to how it's made. All whiskeys are made with spirit from fermented grain and later aged in containers; however, the type of grain and kegs defines the whiskey produced. In other words, all Bourbon is whiskey, however not the other way round.

Another great difference is that Bourbon must be packed in new charred oak containers without extra additives. other whiskeys can be pack in cans already used for other spirits.

Other Bourbon uses

Ever visualized if one can use Bourbon for other tasks apart from drinking? Here are some other uses of this great drink.

  • The alcohol in Bourbon is eminently strong to the extent of killing bacteria, and one can use it as a mouthwash.
  • Bourbon can help to slow down coughs and colds. In addition, the alcohol in this drink acts as a decongestant and harnesses the healing process.
  • You can use it as a solvent to clean electrical connectors and rust from metals. However, ensure that you don't clean things that get hot faster as alcohol is highly ignitable.
  • Given that Bourbon has an antiseptic element, one can use it to cleanse the skin. For faster healing of the pores, mix it with some lemon juice and use the mixture to scrub your face.

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