Barrell Rye Private Release 1M20 (Madeira Barrel) Review

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Made by Barrell Craft Spirits LLC ~ Barrell Craft Spirits

Each single barrel release explores the huge range of spicy, herbaceous, and earthy flavors within rye itself, as well as its interactions with a kaleidoscope of different finishing casks.

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Additional Notes

A blend of Indiana and Canadian Whiskeys. Finished in a Madeira Barrel.


Proof: 115.06
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 57.53%
Aged: Undisclosed
Mash Bill: Undisclosed
Retail (MSRP): $109.99

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Reviews by the People of Barrell Rye Private Release 1M20 (Madeira Barrel)


87 Highly Rated Bourbon Barrell Rye Private Release 1M20 Finished in a Madeira Barrel Review

Mark Pringle - As soon as I heard about the release of Barrell Rye Private Release 1M20 Finished in a Madeira Barrel, I went directly to the Barrel Craft Spirits Barcart to purchase a bottle. You have to understand that I buy any whiskey, bourbon, or rye that is finishe...Read More

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