Buzzard's Roost Barrel Strength Bourbon Review

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Made by Buzzard's Roost Whiskey

Nose: Caramel, dark chocolate, baking spices with a slight hint of perfectly seasoned oak. The se notes are supported by a complex array of earthy and estery notes, including orange peel, dark fruit, and aging tobacco. Palate: The palate gives way to an explosion of sweetness, and the finish is a perfect marriage of structure and heat. Palate: vanilla and coconut at the mid-palate. All the way through, the sweetness is accompanied by a rich blast of maraschino cherry and citrus worthy of the finest old fashioned. Finish: The cherry and citrus fade away to a lingering presentation of coconut and confection with some spice to keep it company along the way.

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Additional Notes

Distilled in Indiana.


Proof: 114.4
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 57.2%
Aged: 4-6 years
Mash Bill: Blend of 2 distinct Rye Bourbon Mash Bills
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Reviews by the People of Buzzard's Roost Barrel Strength Bourbon


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