Art of Alchemy Spirits

In an industry of undisclosed sourcing and inaccessible vintages, AoA roots itself in friendship, community, and collaboration. Founded by four friends with a mission to create something that is equal parts experience as it is an exceptional distillate, AoA’s expertly crafted blends are designed with intention, to provide the most unique, modern, and curious spirits available. No two releases will ever be the same and will be impossible to replicate, as each blend is created with rare, orphaned, and exceptional whiskies that have been passionately scoured and discovered by the AoA team. For the blending process, AoA draws from a long list of friends who just happen to be some of the most influential minds, brands, and masters in the world of whiskey. This special community of enthusiasts comes together and creates something one-of-a-kind that is, at its sum, greater than all its parts. Every bottle celebrates this intersection of collaboration, passion, art, community, and craft to create spirits that are truly unique and meant to be shared. AoA’s limited, small-batch releases can be found in select markets. 

The distillery website address is https://aoaspirits.com/

Art of Alchemy Spirits Bourbons and Whiskeys

Art of Alchemy Straight Whiskies Blend No. 1
Art of Alchemy Straight Whiskies Blend No. 2
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