Catalyst Spirits

Catalyst Spirits is a global spirits company focused on leveraging the new economy and our vast experience to build and rapidly grow premium brands consumers truly want. Our fine spirits portfolio includes Howler Head, the original banana flavoured Bourbon and the official flavoured whiskey of UFC; The Oceanus Hibernicus, a unique blend of Irish and Scottish malt whisk(e)y; and a number of other exciting brands in development. The Catalyst Spirits team leverages hundreds of years of in-depth industry know-how to develop impactful brands and bring them to market with pace, building them with exceptional marketing, retail, ecommerce and distributor support. Catalyst Spirits is a remote-work company with team members spread across North America and Europe. For more information on Catalyst Spirits, visit www.catalyst-spirits.com and for Howler Head visit www.howlerhead.com

Catalyst Spirits is located in Ventura, CA. The distillery website address is https://catalyst-spirits.com/

160 Eastman Ave. Suite 104
Ventura, CA 93003

Catalyst Spirits Bourbons and Whiskeys

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