Filmland Spirits

Founded in 2020, Filmland Spirits is a new, California based company founded by a crew of whiskey enthusiasts, movie buffs and storytellers.  Filmland Spirits produces whiskey and whiskey inspired spirits on location in Kentucky, USA. In the Fall of 2022, Filmland Spirits launched its initial three whiskey expressions consisting of two bourbons and a rye whiskey. Its ultra-premium and award-winning liquids are housed in custom bottles inspired by the world of movie making, then paired with a label that is a movie poster based on an original B-movie script written specifically for each expression. Filmland Spirits are truly Stories You Can Drink® and offer an original and unique concept to the liquor category that ensures there’s A Blockbuster in Every Bottle.®

The distillery website address is www.filmlandspirits.com

Filmland Spirits Bourbons and Whiskeys

Filmland Spirits Moonlight Mayhem Bourbon
Filmland Spirits Moonlight Mayhem Extended Cut Cask Strength Bourbon
Filmland Spirits Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut Cask Strength Rye
Filmland Spirits Ryes of the Robots Rye Whiskey
Filmland Spirits Town at the End of Tomorrow Bourbon
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