St. Augustine Distillery

Established in 2013, St. Augustine Distillery is part of a new generation of American craft distillers. Family owned and operated, we are committed to making world-class spirits using the local agriculture. Our distillers work with farming partners throughout the state and from their grains, make our whiskey every day. 

We do not source or blend other whiskey with our bourbon. We distill and bottle everything we sell, making sure that the spirits are just right before barreling and aging. Hand bottled by real people, we’re passionate about showing our guests not only what goes into each bottle, but how to make the best possible cocktails with our spirits.

St. Augustine Distillery is located in St. Augustine, FL. The distillery website address is https://www.staugustinedistillery.com/


112 Riberia St
St. Augustine, FL 32084

St. Augustine Distillery Bourbons and Whiskeys

St. Augustine Distillery Florida Straight Bourbon
St. Augustine Distillery Port Finished Bourbon
St. Augustine Distillery The Saint Bourbon
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