Joe Got a Gun Tennessee Whiskey Single Barrel Review

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Made by BBC Spirits

Nose: Spicy with smoky and honey touches. Palate: A complex blend of spices, smoke and stewed fruit. Finish: Lingering and warming.

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Additional Notes

Distilled, aged and bottled by Mike Williams in Maury County in the state of Tennessee, USA. This batch is a 3 year old Straight Tennessee Whiskey, the result of a single barrel selection, averaging 350 bottles.


Proof: 90
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 45%
Aged: 3 years
Mash Bill: Undisclosed
Retail (MSRP): $42.99

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Reviews by the People of Joe Got a Gun Tennessee Whiskey Single Barrel


81 Highly Rated Bourbon Joe Got a Gun Tennessee Whiskey Single Barrel Review

Mark Pringle - Joe Got a Gun Tennessee Whiskey Single Barrel Review. What a cool name for this single-barrel whiskey.  Nose The nose is creamy, rich, and buttery. This appealing aroma is evident as soon as you open the bottle. A little bit of warm spice a...Read More

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