Ninety Percent of People Choose Triple Dog Irish Whiskey in Blind Taste Tests

Release: March 13, 2024

DALLAS, TEXAS (March 13, 2024)Triple Dog Irish Whiskey held “Take the Dare Taste Tests” featuring a blind tasting of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey compared to two other high-quality whiskeys. In the extensive taste tests conducted in Irish pubs in Austin and Dallas, Texas, 90% of the whiskey experts and whiskey newbies participating overwhelmingly chose outrageously smooth Triple Dog Irish Whiskey. The results were not surprising as Triple Dog makes impressions on the most discerning of whiskey palates while earning a 94-point rating and numerous prestigious awards, including two Double Gold medals at the SIP Awards, two Gold medals at the John Barleycorn Awards, and Silver Medals from both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and the New Orleans Spirits Competition. 

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

For more than a quarter of a century, Irish whiskey consumption has seen uninterrupted annual growth in the U.S., according to Impact Databank. Triple Dog is a new breed of Irish whiskey, born of—and celebrating—daring individuality. Triple Dog Irish Whiskey stands out among its peers and is recognized as one of the best-tasting Irish whiskies on the market.

“We’re confident that once people try Triple Dog, they will make it their go-to Irish Whiskey,” says Chris Gilliam, CEO and co-founder of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey. “The ‘Take the Dare’ taste test removes the bias of big brand recognition, allowing people to experience how much better Triple Dog is than other whiskies. Nine out of ten people chose this deliciously distinctive and incredibly approachable whiskey in the rigorous blind taste tests.” 

Take the Dare taste test participants shared their impressions of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey: 

  • “Triple Dog is by far the smoothest of the three.”
  • “I love Triple Dog. It doesn’t have the harshness of the other whiskies. I’m going to grab a few bottles to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”
  • “Triple Dog is really smooth and tastes incredible. I love this one.”

The Take the Dare taste tests helped participants unleash the audacious spirit of Ireland in every bottle of Triple Dog. This Irish whiskey has a sweet aroma, with luscious flavors of creme brûlée, cracked vanilla bean, dark caramel, baked green apple, and baking spices. Triple Dog is a proprietary blend made with the finest malted and unmalted Irish grains, triple-distilled in copper pot and copper column stills in Dundalk, Ireland, and aged a minimum of 4-years in French oak. It's excellent to drink neat, over ice, or in a cocktail.

Pricing and Availability

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is currently available for a suggested retail price of $39.99 in fine retail stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Texas, as well as in California, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and soon in Idaho. The brand is slated for expansion into other states later this year. You can check retail availability, as well as purchase directly with nationwide shipping from the Triple Dog website, https://www.tripledogwhiskey.com/buy-online/

About Triple Dog Irish Whiskey 

If you’re a fan of Irish whiskey, or just looking to try something new, this unconventionally styled, yet premium spirit is sure to impress. Born in Ireland, but headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is setting out to redefine what Irish whiskey should be. Written prominently on the label are the words, Take the Dare—the brand’s call to action for people to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new experiences, and challenge themselves in various aspects of life. From its bold exterior packaging to the rich and smooth temperament of the golden-hued liquid within, Triple Dog is a daring departure from conventional Irish whiskeys. We invite you to Take the Dare, one that has meaning and purpose for you. This is what the future of Irish whiskey tastes like. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook or visit TripleDogWhiskey.com.


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