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Review by Todd Bailey |

84 Highly Rated Bourbon General Review of Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest 1856

100 proof

No mashbill or age statement provided

Color: Golden Amber

Uncle Nearest has an amazing back story and has become one of the most awarded whiskies over the past few years. However, in many of my bourbon groups, it is rarely mentioned or discussed.  I often wonder if its availability hinders its popularity.  As people continue to chase the harder to find allocated bottles, I feel this one is often overlooked.

On the initial nosing, citrus, vanilla, backing spices, ethanol, caramel, and brown sugar all come through.  However, the nose gets better as I continue to sip because the ethanol burn dissipates. The sweeter aroma of caramel and a bit of apple come through.  However, there is still something there that I can't recognize.  Either way, the nose on this one is very pleasant. Especially, once the ethanol burn disappears.  As I continue to nose and solve the mystery of the missing note, a hint of bubble gum comes through and then BOOM, juicy fruit!

The palate comes in buttery with pepper spice.  It cools off, and the caramel and backing spices come to the forefront. There is a sourness that I cannot put my finger on, but it dissipates as I continued to sip.  It is the only downside to this pour, but it doesn't leave a negative impact.  This isn't overly complex, but it is very pleasing and easy to drink. The mouthfeel is one of the best I’ve had, and honestly speaking, I've been overlooking this bottle for quite some time as it has sat on my bar’s shelf for months.  While I’ve taken a taste on a few occasions, this is the first time I’ve just sat and experienced this bottle, and I must admit, I’ve been overlooking this one myself.  However, 1856 will be added to the weekly rotation from here on out.

The finish is medium with a nice hug. It comes through with another burst of spice but not too hot and moves into burnt sugars with oak.

While this isn’t the most complex whiskey, it is most certainly a great pour, and for around $55, I’d advise everyone pick it up and give it a go.  It may not blow your socks off, but it most certainly will not disappoint.  In addition, I’d recommend heading over to their website to get the backstory.  After all it is American history.  Cheers!

Author: Todd Bailey
Married with 2 children, and I've been in the IT industry for 20+ years. My favorite bourbon is Old Forester 1910, and I like long walks on the beach.


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