Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey Review

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74 General Review of Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey

Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey comes from a Minnesota Distillery that is self-described on its label as the first legal black-owned distillery. This whiskey was a little tricky to review because little is revealed about the whiskey's mash bill or whiskey sources. Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey is not listed as a bourbon or rye but as a blend of whiskeys from various distilleries. Even the grains that are used in this 80-proof whiskey are nebulous as the label says it is distilled from "grain." Anyway, here is my brief review of Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey.

Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey


The caramel candy corn nose is evident when you open the bottle. There is almost a smoky lemon aroma behind the candy corn. The more you drink, the more syrupy corn dominates the nose.


A few things are happening on the palate of Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey, but corn dominates the taste. A sweet mint combined with sweet corn suggests that a high-rye is one of the blended whiskeys. A quirky oak and corn aftertaste did not add to the tasting experience. Admittedly, I struggle with whiskeys at this low proof level, so keep this in mind when reading my reviews. Typically the experiences tend to be thin, but this is a little weightier and creamier than I would have expected at this proof level. 

I don't know the mash bill, but it seems like the blended whiskeys are dominated by traditional corn whiskey. 

Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey Review

Author: Mark Pringle
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