J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey Review (First Pour)

Review by Mark Pringle |
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79 General Review of J.T. Meleck American Rice Whiskey, Batch 422

I feel uncomfortable reviewing J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey, but I am endeavoring to experience something different with this review. This is the first rice whiskey I have ever reviewed, and only the second I have tried. I am still searching for a frame of reference for my expectations. Most of my experience is with ryes, bourbons, and wheated whiskeys, so I feel forced to use those American Whiskeys as a baseline, which is probably unfair. 

J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey Review

What I can tell you about J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey in this brief review is that I like it. Aside from a slightly creamy vanilla aroma, there's not much on the nose. The aroma is very delicate and airy but pleasant. The wonderful creaminess of the palate is more intense than the nose. It features a mildly burnt creme or custard flavor. The true enjoyment of this tasting experience will come from J.T. Meleck's taste, but do not expect bold or intense flavor at this 96-proof point. 

As I drink, I'm learning about rice whiskey, but I must explore others before providing an educated review. When I think of rice whiskey, the first thing that comes to mind is Sake, which I have only tried once. J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey does not taste like the Saki I had. It's much better. So, this was a delightful surprise from a bourbon drinker's perspective. 

J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey Back Label

Author: Mark Pringle
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