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95 Highly Rated Bourbon General Review of Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength Bourbon, Batch Wearhouse G, Floor 2

Old Forester SBBP - 129.2 proof

As an Old Forester fan, I was all too pleased to score a bottle of this single barrel selection.  I must admit to being an OF fan.  In particular, OF 1910 is my favorite. I know many prefer 1920, but it is a bit too spicy for my liking.  Even though this SBBP is nearly 130 in proof; it isn't nearly as spicy.  However, it comes out of the gate strong but not overbearing.

I’ve had the pleasure of sample one other OF SBBP, and it was way too spicy for my liking as well. So, I was hesitant with this bottle, but I’d like to think I’m an optimist.  Going in for the nose, I get the traditional Old Forester notes of burnt sugars, caramel, a hint of bananas, oak, chocolate, and a bit of a floral note.

The palate is right on the nose as well, keeping those same traditional Old Forester flavors of burnt sugars, baking spices, oak, caramel, chocolate, and a bit of citrus.  The mouthfeel is slightly thin, but it covers the mouth well.  It isn’t nearly as thick as 1910, but it is pleasant, nonetheless.   The finish is medium to long and spicy. It isn’t too hot, but it did numb my lips just a bit.  This is an excellent bottle that will satisfy those who love 1910 or 1920.  Many of us have experimented with the 1915 mix, and this bottle embodies what I thought I’d get from such a mix.  I highly recommend it if you can grab a bottle from Citi Wine + Spirits in Sandy Springs.

Rating: 95


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Detailed Tasting Notes

Nose Review - Rating: 95

If you've had the pleasure of drinking 1910 and 1920, you'll recognize the signature OF notes right of the bat. Burnt sugars, caramel, a hint of bananas, oak, and chocolate dance in the glass. However, there is a bit of a floral note that I have not found in other OF expressions which is pleasant. Needless to say, the nose is excellent with the sweet sugar notes jumping out of the glass, undertones of oak lingering, and a floral or citrus note dancing in the mix as well.

Palate Review - Rating: 95

Just enough sweetness and spice for everyone. Upfront, you're met with nice sweet caramel and burnt sugars overlaying a soft oak flavor. A lip numbing peppery spice comes in quickly, but it isn't too hot. It is a very pleasant experience as you role into the finish where there is a bit of banana and chocolate. The mouthfeel is a bit thinner than I expected, but it still coats the mouth nicely.

Finish Review - Rating: 93

Medium to long, oaky chocolate, and a hint of citrus in the mix that is interesting as well.

Uniqueness Review - Rating: 90

The flavor profile is very distinct from bourbons produced by other distillers, but it is very much in-line with other OF products. I feel as though there is some ratio between 1910 and 1920 that could be mix which would be very comparable. However, I'll have to continue to enjoy this bottle into that mystery is discovered.

Value Review - Rating: 97

I picked this bottle up for $85 as part of a package deal, and I must admit that I'm more than pleased with this pickup. Given it is a store specific release, it is well worth picking up if you get the chance.

Author: Todd Bailey
Married with 2 children, and I've been in the IT industry for 20+ years. My favorite bourbon is Old Forester 1910, and I like long walks on the beach.


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