One of the Most Dependable Bourbons I Have Ever Tasted

Review by Dimitris Liakos |
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91 Highly Rated Bourbon General Review of Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon Barrel Proof, Batch LL/HA140843

Living in a country where it is a bit difficult to get good value for my favorite liquor, the first time I tasted Wild Turkey Rare Breed, my heart was stolen in a moment.

Amazing aromas and taste that lasts intact until you finish your sip. This bottle was the impetus to start collecting and hunting every single bourbon from different countries to add to my collection!

Thank you Jimmy and Eddie for this amazing product with under 50 euros prize!!!

Rating: 91


Ratings breakdown based on a 100 point scale.

  • 90-100 Exceptional
  • 80-89 Very Good
  • 70-79 Average
  • 60-69 Below Average
  • 50-60 Drain Pour

Detailed Tasting Notes

Nose Review - Rating: 90

Strong and silk at the same time

Palate Review - Rating: 95

Mellow and sweet with tastes of vanilla, honey and exotic fruits

Finish Review - Rating: 95

Sweetness above spicy that lasts several minutes till the next sip

Uniqueness Review - Rating: 90

As a Wild turkey fan, uniqueness is present in comparison with it's other brother bottles and batches

Value Review - Rating: 100

In a country with high VAT and limited availability, this bourbon is the most value for money bottle i have ever seen

Author: Dimitris Liakos
Bourbon and american whiskey enthusiast and collector from a small town in Greece. Keen on learning, tasting and collect as much as i can and handle of my favorite liquor!


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