Pursuit United Straight Rye Whiskey Review

Review by Mark Pringle |

78 General Review of Pursuit United Blended Straight Rye, Batch 2022

Pursuit United Straight Rye Whiskey is a fascinating blend of three straight rye whiskeys sourced from Bardstown Bourbon Company and Sagamore Spirits. Coming in at 108 proof, this is an earthy and minty rye that is not as bold as its sister bourbon blend. 

Pursuit United Straight Rye Whiskey

Rating: 78


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Detailed Tasting Notes

Nose Review - Rating: 79

Pursuit United Straight Rye Whiskey delivers a mildly spicy and earthy rye nose. It also features a nice candied sweetness with an almost imperceptible apple aroma. The nose is easy-going but with a lovely rich quality. After my first sip, and after I let the rye whiskey sit in the glass for a while, oak became very prominent - if only for a moment. There is a grassy rye spice below that, and then spice takes over again.

Palate Review - Rating: 77

The palate is an earthy rye mint. Pursuit United Straight Rye has almost a sweet malt flavor as well. While the nose has a measurement of richness, the palate is a little thinner and drier than I personally like in a rye whiskey. It is thinner than its sister Bourbon blend too. While there isn’t a lot of sweetness initially, there are some core notes of spicy rye mint, herbal tea, white pepper, and clove. More sweetness comes later in the tasting experience.

Finish Review - Rating: 82

The finish one of the best phases of this tasting experience. White pepper and rye mint linger reasonably long.

Uniqueness Review - Rating: 80

I am a rye drinker, and I must say this is a different rye, but I will need to revisit this in a couple of weeks to determine my true feelings. Although the notes are not what I typically look for in a rye, this could be appealing depending on your taste profile.

Value Review - Rating: 75

The value of a whiskey depends a lot on the comparables at its price point. This is a tough spot for Pursuit United Straight Rye whiskey at $65 and in a rye field that is stacked these days.

Author: Mark Pringle
Smell IS taste. I am just a guy who has been hit with the bourbon bug and who has come to the conclusion that life is too short to drink average tasting bourbons. Go Gators!
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