Strong Spice with an Underlying Sweetness that is Perfect

Review by Mark Pringle |

87 Highly Rated Bourbon General Review of Remus Repeal Reserve Series V Bourbon

Remus Repeal Reserve V Series is one Bourbon you cannot judge on the first pour. I was not a fan of the neck poor, but I have completely changed my mind on the second tasting. This blend has a rich spice profile with an underlying sweetness that is perfect. I found this combination to be somewhat unique. Never judge a Bourbon unless you have tried it at least three times on separate occasions, preferably from the same bottle.

Rating: 87


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Detailed Tasting Notes

Nose Review - Rating: 82

On the nose, I’m getting a very light oak, peppery spice, and mild ethanol. Everything is gentle, the vanilla as well as a fruit that seems to be apricot. Because everything was so soft, I thought my nose may have been a little off. I had my wife, who has a much better nose than I do, take a whiff. She said the same thing; all of the notes were very mild. Nothing dominated.

Palate Review - Rating: 88

Remus Repeal has a strong rye and baking spice palate with an underlying layer of toffee sweetness that is enjoyable. Undeniably though, spice dominates the day. There's also a richness in the mouthfeel that is not necessarily associated with its viscosity. It's hard to explain.

Finish Review - Rating: 88

Remus Repeal Reserve V has a long, spice-dominated finish.

Uniqueness Review - Rating: 85

Remus Repeal Reserve V is a blend of five bourbons: 9% 2005 bourbon (21% rye), 5% 2005 bourbon (36% rye), 19% 2006 bourbon (21% rye), 13% 2008 bourbon (21% rye), and 54% 2008 bourbon (36% rye). That is a lot of blending that results in a fairly unique bourbon.

Value Review - Rating: 79

The price was a little steep in Georgia at $79.99.

Author: Mark Pringle
Smell IS taste. I am just a guy who has been hit with the bourbon bug and who has come to the conclusion that life is too short to drink average tasting bourbons. Go Gators!
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