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You don't see 10-year ryes just sitting on the shelf too often with little attention or fanfare. However, that was the case with Templeton 10-Year Rye, at least here in Georgia. I noticed it at one of my local stores and was intrigued by the age. I began noticing it at a few other stores as well. However, it took me a while to pull the trigger because of the $85 price. Was it worth the price and wait? Let's see in this brief Templeton 10-Year Rye review. 

Templeton Rye 10-Year


Templeton 10-Year Rye starts with magnificent thick dark brown sugar, mild rye spice, and very soft caramel notes. The rye spice aroma starts mellow but grows over time. The spice is more floral than minty, but it's an enjoyable experience.


Initially, the proof drank much hotter than 104, but as a self-proclaimed proof snob, I'm not mad. This rye settles down to its proof soon. Boom, pow, wow...Templeton 10-Year Rye is very chocolatey, much more than any rye I can remember. Very unique. Additionally, there's minty rye(ness) on the back end. This whiskey is good, and it's only the first pour. Unfortunately, the flavor seems to subside on subsequent pours. 


Strong rye mint lingers with milk chocolate below that, but it doesn't have a long finish.


The American whiskey MSRP's are going through the roof; to the point where I would have to say that this Templeton 10-Year Rye at $85 is not a bad value.

Author: Mark Pringle
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