Ry3 Cask Strength Rye Rum Cask Finish Review

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Distillery Tasting Notes

Made by Phenomenal Spirits

AROMA: Prominent, powerful rye spiciness. TASTE: Captivating sweetness, dark maple. FINISH: Long, lingering cinnamon and clove.

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Additional Notes

Three distinctive whiskeys are blended and finished in vintage rum casks before being bottled at cask strength.


Proof: 121.6
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 60.8%
Aged: Undisclosed
Mash Bill: Undisclosed
Retail (MSRP): $79.99

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Reviews by the People of Ry3 Cask Strength Rye Rum Cask Finish


83 Highly Rated Bourbon Ry3 Whiskey Cask Strength Rum Cask Finish Rye Review

Mark Pringle - Nose The nose of this Ry3 Whiskey Cask Strength Rum Cask Finish Rye begins very pleasant and mild, revealing a butteriness, golden raisins, ginger, and very soft cinnamon. As you go deeper into the nosing, more syrupy notes emerge. There is a syrup...Read More

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