Sweetens Cove Bourbon Limited Edition 2021 Release Review

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Distillery Tasting Notes

Made by Sweetens Cove Spirits Company

Nose: Sweet toasted oak, bright ripe fruit, apple peel, a hint of baking spice, vanilla bean, and caramel opens into more robust cooperage, brown sugar, and toffee. Palate: Warm forward spice melts into dried cirrus fruit and honey, oak presence grows on the back palate. Finish: Honts of clove and dark red fruit, smooth light oak sugars linger.

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Proof: 113.7
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 56.85%
Aged: Blend aged 4, 6 and 16 years
Mash Bill: Undisclosed
Retail (MSRP): $199.99

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