How to Drink Bourbon, America's Most Popular Spirit

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Bourbon has become very popular, so popular that the United States Senate had September declared as a national heritage month for the drink.

How you drink it is a simple matter of preference, but many people like to be creative. If you need some for a cocktail, you can have the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned. You can also use it in the kitchen to bring a different taste by making a barbeque sauce, bourbon syrup, spiked chili, sauce, pie, and even ice cream.

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To experience the sweetness of its natural ingredients, drink it as it comes. Adding a little bit of water or ice cubes will not take the taste away and can potentially add additional flavors to the palate. However, the Bourbon purists will typically only drink it neat or served at room temperature without any water, ice, or other mixers.

Having said all of this, the one thing the drinkers of bourbon must do is ensure that you enjoy it with friends. 

Author: Peoples Bourbon Review Staff
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