Mammoth Distilling Northern Rye No. 02 Review

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Distillery Tasting Notes

Made by Mammoth Distilling

Gingersnap and fig on the nose, followed by strawberry jam, tobacco and grass, warming into pink peppercorn and ripe pear, with a long velvety finish of sweet challah bread, port and leather.

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Additional Notes

Northern Rye No. 02 contains a blend of 11% straight Michigan Wheeler rye aged in first-use, char level 3 Missouri white oak barrels, 21% 18-year Alberta rye finished in American Oak Port barrels from 45 North Vineyard & Winery, 20% 18-year Alberta rye finished in Bonobo Winery’s Estate Pinot Noir French oak barrels, and 48% 15,16, and 18-year Alberta rye in second- and third-fill American casks.


Proof: 100
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 50%
Aged: Undisclosed
Mash Bill: Undisclosed (Rye, corn and barley)
Retail (MSRP): $74.99

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