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Made by Shortbarrel Bourbon

AROMA: The nose is like smelling an empty old-fashioned glass. Notes of cocktail cherries, orange zest and a touch of oak. It’s warm and inviting. MOUTH: There’s so much going on with this palate. Warm baking spice. Cherry cobbler. Peach tea. It really just keeps on going. It’s hard to claim something is extremely drinkable at 120+ proof. FINISH: The finish is long with some more tea and dried apricot.

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Proof: 126.6 (varies)
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 63.3 (varies)%
Aged: 4 Years +
Mash Bill: Various
Retail (MSRP): $79.99

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Reviews by the People of Shortbarrel Single Barrel Series


84 Highly Rated Bourbon Shortbarrel Single Barrel Series Review (First Pour)

Mark Pringle - A bourbon enthusiast online referred to Shortbarrel Single Barrel Series as a Stagg killer. This was an intriguing description, so I drove 20 miles to purchase this store pick from Grapes & Grains in John's Creek, which is in Metropolitan Atlanta....Read More

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