Shortbarrel Bourbon

Shortbarrel Bourbon Distillery was founded in early 2016 by Adam Dorfman, Patrick Lemmond, and Clinton Dugan.

Shortbarrel Bourbon is located in Somewhere in, GA. The distillery website address is https://shortbarrelbourbon.com/

Shortbarrel Bourbon Bourbons and Whiskeys

Short Barrel Aged 15 Years Bourbon
Shortbarrel Bark Batch Small Batch Bourbon
Shortbarrel Bee Keeper Whiskey
Shortbarrel El Jefe American Straight Whiskey
Shortbarrel Single Barrel Series
Shortbarrel Small Batch Rye 101
Shortbarrel SOTF Toasted Small Batch
Shortbarrel The Bee's Knees II Bourbon
Shortbarrel The Bee's Knees Whiskey
Shortbarrel Toasted 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon
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