Shortbarrel Bourbon

Like so many success stories, Shortbarrel was started by chance - a true right place at the right time kinda thing. The three founders and friends, Adam Dorfman, Clinton Dugan and Patrick Lemmond, had taken their love of whiskey and turned it into a project, helping a Georgia spirits retailer with its barrel picks – more than 350 in fact. A chance meeting at a bar in Louisville in 2020 while on a barrel pick led the trio to purchase their first barrels for themselves, thus creating the Shortbarrel brand. A “shortbarrel” is a barrel that, upon bottling, has lost over 50% of its contents to the angel’s share. Due to higher contact with air and oak, the whiskey inside ages differently, developing robust flavors and an exceptional finish, which is concentrated because of the higher proof. Shortbarrel products include Kentucky straight bourbons, straight rye whiskey, and specialty American whiskies finished in mezcal or honey barrels.

Shortbarrel whiskies are distributed in Georgia (Empire), Tennessee (Advintage), Florida (Vertical Spirits), and Connecticut (Murphy), with Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky and Rhode Island planned for 2023. Shortbarrel can also be found online at Seelbach’s and https://shortbarrelbourbon.com/.

Old Fourth is distributed in Georgia (United), and can also be found online at Seelbach’s and soon on www.o4d.com.

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Follow Old Fourth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Shortbarrel Bourbon is located in Norcross, GA. The distillery website address is https://shortbarrelbourbon.com/


6325 McDonough Dr NW
Norcross, GA 30093

Shortbarrel Bourbon Bourbons and Whiskeys

Short Barrel Aged 15 Years Bourbon
Shortbarrel Bark Batch Small Batch Bourbon
Shortbarrel Bee Keeper Whiskey
Shortbarrel El Jefe American Straight Whiskey
Shortbarrel Single Barrel Series
Shortbarrel Small Batch Rye 101
Shortbarrel SOTF Toasted Small Batch
Shortbarrel The Bee's Knees II Bourbon
Shortbarrel The Bee's Knees Whiskey
Shortbarrel Toasted 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon
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