Top 10 Most Popular Bourbon Brands

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What are the top 10 most popular bourbon brands? This article will explore the answer to the question. First, we need to establish how "popularity" is defined in this article. Popularity does not refer to the best bourbon. It means which bourbons are on the minds of the general public now. What bourbon are people currently looking for and talking about? Specifically, over the past year, how many average searches are being performed in the United States for a particular bourbon brand. This ranking is not a list of the top 10 best bourbons. This list will be updated every 6 months.

We will use the statistics from Google search to determine what bourbons people are looking for and how often those whiskeys are searched. This article does not address the sales figures of individual bourbons or their brand. So, what are the top 10 most-popular bourbon brands in the United States today?

10) Knob Creek

Knob Creek 12 year

Known for their full-flavored whiskeys, the available Knob Creek brand takes the opening spot in our most popular bourbons list. This brand is searched approximately 40,500 times a month in the United States. With seven whiskeys in its core portfolio (below), Knob Creek is the 10th most popular whiskey brand in the United States.

9) Brother's Bond

Brother's Bond

The Brother's Bond Bourbon brand has recently taken a 22% leap to take the 9th position in our popular bourbon rankings. Frankly, I was stunned by the results since this is a relatively new brand with only two whiskeys in its portfolio (soon to be three at the time of this writing). Approximately 40,500 searches are performed on Brother's Bond Bourbon each month.

8) Weller

Weller Full Proof

The tasty and diverse Weller Bourbon brand takes the 8th spot on my list. About 65,500 monthly searches, on average, are performed on Weller Bourbon, which features six wheated bourbons in addition to its William Larue Weller Kentucky Straight Bourbon. We do not know for which of the following seven bourbons they are searching, but we know that these Buffalo Trace whiskeys are popular.

7) Eagle Rare

Eagle Rare

There are three Eagle Rare bourbons in the portfolio (below) of this Buffalo Trace brand; however, most individuals are undoubtedly looking for the famous Eagle Rare 10-Year bourbon. People search about 74,000 times a month for this popular bourbon in the United States.

6) Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Every bourbon drinker, whether new, old, or fringe knows the Buffalo Trace name. However, the bourbon with the Buffalo Trace moniker is searched approximately 74,000 times a month.

Keep in mind that the search phrase "Buffalo Trace" is very popular; unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the intentions of the person searching. Are they searching for Buffalo Trace Distillery, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, or anything associated with Buffalo Trace bourbons? We will assume it's the bourbon with the Buffalo Trace namesake since the 74,000 number is specifically for the "Buffalo Trace Bourbon" phrase.

5) Basil Hayden

Basil Hayden Toast

At #5 in our top 10 most popular bourbons list is the surprising Basil Hayden brand. Many hard-core bourbon enthusiasts will probably be surprised at this since the company focuses on low-proof whiskeys. However, Basil Hayden does a fantastic job of presentation with their whiskeys. New bourbon enthusiasts and those looking for a whiskey to give as a gift are immediately drawn to this brand's thematically attractive bottles. Additionally, Basil Hayden is seemingly diversifying their portfolio every day. Approximately 74,000 average searches are performed on Basil Hayden every month. Their core portfolio consists of the following bourbons.

4) Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Master's Collection

The prolific and diverse Woodford Reserve takes the 4th spot in our most popular bourbons in the United States list. Each month around 110,000 searches are performed on the popular Woodford Reserve brand.

3) Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve

With an average monthly search rate of 135,000, the Pappy Van Winkle family of whiskeys is tied for 2nd as the most searched brand in the United States. This often-allocated and hard-to-find brand is currently comprised of six whiskeys, five of which are bourbons.

2) Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark FAE-02

Coming in at the second spot in my top 10 most popular bourbon brands is Marker's Mark. Not surprisingly, the popular Maker's Mark brand pulls in approximately 135,000 searches a month. However, they have taken a 23% leap in recent months, which is why they are ranked ahead of the preceding brand with similar searches.

1) Blanton's Bourbon

Blanton's Gold

C'mon, you knew Blanton's would be #1, didn't you? With an impressive and overwhelming average of 165,000 monthly searches over the past year, Blanton's Bourbon is the most popular bourbon in the United States.

Author: Mark Pringle
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