Reservoir Distillery

Reservoir® Distillery is a Double Gold award-winning craft distillery located in Richmond, Virginia. They perform every step in the distilling process in-house, from creating the mash bill to bottling the final product, using all local Virginia ingredients to create premium whiskeys.

A small batch distillery that takes pride in creating award-winning spirits that are never sourced – ever. 

Reservoir Distillery is located in Richmond, VA. The distillery website address is https://reservoirdistillery.com/


1800 Summit Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230

Reservoir Distillery Bourbons and Whiskeys

Holland's Blade Rummer Bourbon
Holland's Ghost Bourbon
Holland's Milkman Bourbon
Hunter & Scott Bourbon
Hunter & Scott Rye
Reservoir Bourbon Whiskey
Reservoir Evil100 Bourbon
Reservoir Maison de Cuivre Bourbon
Reservoir Rye Whiskey
Reservoir Wheat Whiskey
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